Tips for buying Mattresses for Heavy People

Whether you buy mattresses online or offline, you must always adhere to certain parameters that are critically important for heavier people. Not all kind of mattresses is suitable for heavy people. A variety of functionality and designs are needed that a mattress should possess in order to deliver an optimal sleeping experience for heavier and overweight people. Such type of mattresses is referred to as the best mattress for heavy people.

We are providing a basic guide for appropriate mattresses needed by heavy people. The entire guide is for sleepers weighing above 200 pounds. As a heavy person, you must consider the following factors and attributes while buying a mattress:

Mattress Thickness:

For heavy sleepers above 200 pounds, a mattress must have a thickness of about 12 inches or more. Heavy people usually create a larger amount of pressure on the mattresses which the thinner mattresses fail to withstand. However, certain 10-inch mattresses possessing advanced foam and an additional thick comfort layer enhances deep compression support that makes them suitable for heavy people.


The level of firmness is determined based on the type of sleeper you are. Majority of the heavier people prefers mattress having medium to medium-firm side. Weight is a critical parameter to evaluate the correct firmness of the mattress suitable for you. Scientifically, the heavier you are the deeper and more pronounced sag you will experience. Usually, if you are above 250 pounds and additional shrinkage of 1-2 inches will be experienced by you.

Edge Support provided:

In order to ensure the best mattress for heavy people, you must consider edge support as well. The entire mattress is rarely used in the day-hours, we mostly do our works while sitting or lying at the edge of the beds. This may lead to shrinkage or sagging of the mattress edges. Hence, it is recommendable for heavy people to buy mattresses with strong edge support. Generally, mattresses manufactured from springs, coil-on-coil mechanisms or hybrid designs offer best edge support.

To get the answer of where should i buy a memory foam mattress, you need to explore as much as market you can and don’t forget to check the reviews of the mattresses.