About Us

Formation of the Network
The establishment of WASH Media Networkai??i??Sierra Leone came as a result of consultations held with stakeholders during a Social Accountability Training on WASH for CSO members in Bo City at the J&E Resort in 2013.
This stakeholderai??i??s consultations under pined the importance of journalists to play an integral role in reporting on WASH issues in the country.
The consultations brought together journalists from print and electronic media institutions nationwide.
Having identified major gaps in WASH media reporting in Sierra Leone, WASH Net, backed by WaterAid and the Urban WASH Consortium saw the need to ensure support for the formation of a WASH Media Networkai??i??Sierra Leone.
The consultations came up with an action plan on how to report key issues in the WASH sector. Among them is how to build a common voice in the media landscape that will engage government and other sector actors at all levels to improve on WASH.
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The project aims to increase media advocacy at both community and national level.


  • Increasing Media Coverage and Reportage on WASH Issues Nationwide;
  • Enhancing the understanding of Sierra Leonean Journalists on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Issues;
  • Ensuring that Sierra Leonean Journalists play their watchdog role in holding individuals and Institutions involved in WASH activities transparent and accountable;
  • Raising the voice of the poor and marginalized to have access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation and better hygiene facilities;
  • Ensuring that WASH is given serious media attention to generate political interest, among others.

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Composition of the Network
The network is comprises of National Coordination with 3 staff at secretariat level back by the Western area Coordinator. The network has regional coordinator in Bo, Kenema and Makeni back by the district focal persons.
The network has over 40 media out let in the country including both print and the electronic media.